The Simple, Supported Onramp to the Digital Asset Revolution

We make it easier to welcome your customers into the future of investing.

A Proven Way To Pursue the Benefits of Crypto and NFTs

Digital assets have moved from the fringe to the future — to the here and now. We should know. Our turnkey platform has already helped clients open millions of digital asset accounts for their customers.

We take care of the execution, settlement, custody, and regulatory compliance through easy-to-integrate APIs. So you can quickly launch crypto offerings — attracting new customers, deepening loyalty, and widening your share of wallet.

Delivering at Scale

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A Solution for Compliance Complexities

Investors are excited by crypto and digital assets generally. But the continued evolution of federal and state rules can make compliance a delicate, challenging process. That’s why Apex Crypto handles these intricacies on the back end.
  • Our offering is available to a wide range of fintech business models, financial institutions, and technology companies.
  • Our offering includes fully compliant cost-basis processing of every cryptocurrency event.
  • We accept multiple account types, including individual and custodial accounts.
  • We support customers in 50 states and a growing list of foreign jurisdictions.

A Revolution in Customer Acquisition

Investors are flocking to platforms that offer digital asset trading. Their demands have opened a new playing field in the competition for customer loyalty. Suddenly, relationships can be won, lost, or deepened based on access to a constantly evolving set of financial products. Enabling digital asset investing allows your business to:
  • Attract new customers while enhancing brand recognition and perception.
  • Generate revenue 24/7 by adding a new, no-cost product that works outside of traditional market hours.
  • Foster customer loyalty and affinity while increasing share of wallet.
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