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Innovate Faster with Apex Developer Tools

With more built-in capabilities and a better developer experience at all stages — we’ve made it simpler to get up and going with Apex Fintech Solutions.

  • Order management system, Real-time ledger, Data analytics
  • Simplified dev portal for accelerated integration: APIs with guides, Software Development Kit (SDKs), pre-written code samples, coding sandbox
  • Plus, everything that already made us an industry leader – Seamless onboarding, frictionless trading across account types, tools for portfolio management

Expanded Capabilities and Modules Already Built In

Meet the newest additions to our wide range of powerful features and capabilities.

  • Cloud-Native OMS

    There’s no need to build or integrate with a 3rd-party OMS — we’ve got you covered.

    Core Features

    • RestAPI Connectivity
    • Operational UI for Single Order support
    • Whole, Fractional Share, and Notional based order handling

    Pre-Order Validations including

    • Pre-Trade Verification Checks
    • Account-level validations
    • Real-time buying power

    Order Handling

    • Order-state Management
    • Support for STOP, GTC, and TimeInForce Orders

    CAT Reporting

    Fractional Liquidation

    • Account Transfers
    • Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs)
  • Cloud-Native Real-Time Account Ledger

    No need to wait on start-of-day files or build your own intraday ledger — our modern infrastructure has you covered.

    • Positions, activities, and buying power provided and calculated are by Apex in real-time — no intraday records required
    • User interfaces with self-service functionality are built from the ground up to reflect real-time platform activity — no client admin UI required
  • Cloud-Native Data Platform

    Our platform offers advanced Business Intelligence and Visualization tools.

    • Leverage Apex’s Fully queryable data model via advanced business intelligence tools
    • Custom analytics and reporting on demand

Better Dev Tools from Before Day One

Our robust developer ecosystem makes it easier to explore, evaluate, and innovate for yourself. Try our APIs in a live environment — before you sign a contract.

Expanded developer portal

  • Quick Start Guide
  • SDKs (software development kits) with code samples
  • API reference documentation and FAQs
  • Changelogs

Developer sandbox

  • Create new Accounts
  • Mock-fund Accounts
  • Place mock trades
  • Observe positions and real-time events

API upgrades focused on

  • Unification
  • Consistency and effectiveness
  • 1:1 parity between UAT (user acceptance testing) and production environments

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