Advisor Custody for the Digital Age

Upgrade the experience for your clients and your team with tools and services built for the future that’s already here.

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$123B+ Assets Under Custody

15 Seconds To open an account*

3.4% NIGO Rate

(Not in Good Order)**

Apex Onboarding Edge

Apex Onboarding Edge is an end-to-end digital tool that enables advisors to validate, open, and fund new accounts in seconds.* It removes hassle and errors by performing real-time validations as you enter information, and harnessing the data you already have in your CRM (Customer Relationship Management), portfolio management, and financial planning tools.

Open and Digitally ACAT Entire Books of Business

  • A Variety of Account Types
  • Individually, by Household, or in Bulk
  • During and After Transition
  • Eliminate Reliance on Proprietary eConsent
  • Resolve Errors and Investigations in One Workflow

Perform Real-Time Compliance and Financial-Crime Checks

  • US Identify Verification
  • Cash Account Verification
  • OFAC & Sanctions
  • Negative News

Accelerate and Enhance the Transition Process**

  • Timelines Potentially Cut by Months
  • Simplified Client Experience During Transition
  • NIGO Rates as Low as 3.4%†
  • Bespoke Service by Experienced Transition Specialists
  • Streamlined Back-Office Experience (Avoiding manual and back-and-forth processes with custodian)

Innovative Custody Engine

Modern infrastructure starts with APIs that make it easier to add new capabilities for you and your clients. This includes:

  • Digital account opening

  • Digital ACAT

  • Digital bulk transfer

  • Fractional share trading

  • Auto-transfers for uninvested cash

Modern Digital Backbone for Nimble Integrations

We’re standardizing and streamlining the 3rd-party integration process to make it much faster to plug into the latest tools and technologies for your business. And making it much simpler for innovative new vendors to connect with and serve advisors like you.

The result: a flexible, customizable platform that supports a variety of RIA models.

Self-Service at Scale

Less hold music. More tools that can enable you and your clients to securely handle common issues with a few taps of the finger, 24/7, instead of having to speak to a person or wait for typical business hours.

The Power to Create Your Own Client Experience

You don’t have to be a major corporation to launch your own client-facing app. You just need to start with a custody engine flexible enough to support your unique vision. Our engine is built for customization, so you can deliver the experience you have in mind.