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Whether you’re a startup, an industry titan, or somewhere in between — our clearing and custody engine is here to help.

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581M+ Total trades in 2023*

168 Countries

With active investors (across 6 continents)

5 Asset Classes

Of traditional securities

$135B+ Assets under custody

From Onboarding to Reporting

A secure platform and capital structure that administers your customer investment accounts from real-time onboarding and funding, to custody, trading, clearing, and cost basis and tax.






Cost-Basis & Tax Reporting

Clearing & Custody Solutions

Real-Time Account Onboarding

Apex performs a myriad of compliance and technology functions about as fast as your new investors can type. We can remove friction so you can optimize conversion rates.

Scalable Compliance and Fraud-Protection Checks

  • Identity Verification
    KYC and AML Protocols for both US and non-US investors
  • Investor Screening
    For OFAC and sanctions lists and negative news
  • Trade Monitoring
  • Fraud Reporting

20+ Account Types*

  • Individual, Joint, Custodial, Retirement
  • Individual Margin Accounts
  • Institutional
  • Trust and Entity
  • And more

Learn More About Our Capabilities

  • Stand out from the pack. While others might take days to fund new accounts, you could have the option to allow your customers to enter their first trade about as fast as they can type.

    Funding options include: US ACH, International ACH (including foreign cash movement), PayPal, Real-Time Payments, and Wire Transfers.

    • Cash account verification
    • AML compliance checks
    • Pre-trade balance checks
    • Scheduled transfers

    Gain share of wallet with seamless digital ACATS (the automated customer account transfer service), enabling your investors to transfer assets from their outside investment accounts to an account held at your firm.

    Earn and share Net Interest Income (NII) from your investors’ idle cash.*

    Funding and Cash Management Features

    • Real-Time Account Funding — Start Trading Immediately
    • US ACH, US Wire Transfers
    • ACATS
    • PayPal Deposits and Withdrawals
    • Balance Checker
    • Scheduled Transfers
    • Non-US ACH and Foreign Cash Movement
  • Offer a variety of asset classes:

    • US Equities
    • Mutual Funds and ETFs
    • Options and Futures
    • Fixed Income
    • ADRs and foreign securities

    Provide Rigorous Security and Risk Management
    Custodian licensed with 20 self-regulatory organizations
    Financial crimes examinations to prevent fraud and identity theft

    Well-Capitalized for Efficient Trade Clearing and Settlement
    We aim to maintain double the required capital for our clearing and settlement operations.

    Clearing and Custody

    • Custodian Licensed with 20 Self-Regulatory Organizations
    • Well Capitalized
    • Rigorous Risk Management
    • Financial Crime Investigations — Fraud, ID Theft
    • Regulatory-Data-Request Assistance
    • FDIC Compliance
    • US Equities, Mutual Funds, ETFs
    • ADRs, Non-US Securities
    • Bonds, Options, Futures
  • Our systems are designed to deliver quality execution for your investors’ trades, with direct connections to leading exchanges and liquidity providers. We enable a variety of trading mechanisms to match your customers’ needs.

    Equity Order Routing
    Fractional Shares
    Expanding access so investors have a better opportunity to create a diversified portfolio
    Basket Trading
    So you can simultaneously buy or sell a basket of equities in proportion to your portfolio strategy
    Tax-Optimized Rebalancing
    So investors can maintain their portfolios while potentially minimizing certain tax obligations
    Margin Trading
    Backed by a robust risk management protocol to ensure collateral obligations are met

    You can also offer Robo Advising services, giving your investors access to time-tested portfolio strategies.

    Rest easy, while our compliance and risk management platform runs in the background. We monitor trading and cash management for suspicious activity, including money laundering, fraud, and identity theft. Our teams of compliance and risk management veterans manage investigations by the book. And we preserve clearing capital requirements at every step.

    Execution Manager

    • Equity Order Routing
    • Capital Requirements Calculations and Monitoring
    • Fractional Shares
    • Basket Trading
    • Rebalancing — Tax Optimized
    • Robo Advisor and Investing
    • Margin Trading
    • Margin Collateral Calculations
  • Broker dealer-licensed clients can gain new revenue streams, and enable investors to share in the benefits.

    Payment for Order Flow (PFOF) routes your investors’ orders to marker makers who pay for the order flow, or liquidity. It offers a pathway to commission-free trading and the potential to generate additional revenue. For more information and disclaimers on PFOF, including certain risks involved, please see the disclosures page.

    Fully Paid Stock Loans (FPSL) provides your investors the opportunity to lend securities held in their portfolios to earn more income. Securities loaned may or may not be protected by SIPC. To learn more, including disclaimers about certain risks involved, please view the full disclosures page.

    • Investors opt-in to the program
    • Investors lend their shares to short-sellers or help shore-up scarce lending supplies
    • Investors earn interest until the loan is closed
    • Apex Fintech Solutions ensures all loans are credible and properly capitalized

    Execution Revenue Streams for Licensed Broker-Dealers

    • FPSL
    • PFOF

Account Service

Apex Fintech Solutions can manage back-end account service, and maintenance while you focus on acquiring new customers and delivering a meaningful experience for investors.

Financial Crime Monitoring. Daily account monitoring for sanctions, negative news, money laundering, fraud, and more. Backed by our compliance and risk management platforms, and the expertise of our team of industry veterans.

Corporate Actions. Whether it’s a stock split, an acquisition, or an optional dividend, we have you covered. We’re monitoring the markets for corporate actions and executing them on your behalf. You manage your investor relationships while we manage “the street.”

Proxy Statements. Your environmentally-conscious, digital-first investors can opt-in to electronic proxy statements, or receive them by mail.* Either way, we have it covered.

Account Statements and Updates. We deliver online account statements quarterly or monthly, depending on each investors’ profile. And we’ll record their address changes, opt-in changes, and any other account updates.

* There is a charge for paper notifications.

Regulatory Cost Basis and Tax Reporting

Automate your investors’ regulatory cost-basis calculations and tax forms with Apex Silver’s SaaS solutions.

It’s a lot harder than you might think, requiring advanced data cleansing and normalization, sophisticated trade tracking, and ensuring proper cost-basis calculations.

Deliver pre-filled tax forms, so your investors can spend time investing, not reconciling trades and filling out forms.

Learn about our Cost Basis and Tax Solutions

Data Storage and Analytics

Query your own custom data sets and stream them in real-time to run your brokerage or wealth management firm. Apex data warehouse provides performant, scalable, secure solutions so that you can manage your books and records storage. It enables data reconciliation and data retention so that you can manage your regulatory requirements.

  • Apex has compliance and risk management in our DNA. We’ve built a proprietary and battle tested platform that includes technology infrastructure, automated financial-crime protocols, and a team of veterans with deep expertise in regulatory compliance and risk management.*

    • Identity Verification
    • KYC and AML Technology, Data, Processes and Expertise
    • Capital Requirements Calculations and Management
    • Margin Collateral Calculations
    • Fraud Reporting
    • Licensed with over 20 self-regulatory organizations

    Explore Compliance and Fraud Prevention

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