How Operations Can Help Drive Technology Innovations

Laura Cox
Jul 15, 2023 - Last Updated: Nov 29, 2023

One of our Belfast employees, Eoin O’Hare, was recently asked by Synch NI to share his thoughts about his role as senior operations specialist and how it contributes to advancing technology innovations. In his article, Eoin explains the close collaboration between these two teams at Apex Fintech Solutions UK.

He starts by delineating the different responsibilities of each team. “The operations department is responsible for ensuring that the institution’s daily processes and procedures run smoothly, including managing client accounts, processing transactions, and staying in compliance with regulations,” he says. “The technology department, on the other hand, is responsible for developing and maintaining the institution’s technological infrastructure, including software and hardware systems, networks, and databases.”

Collaboration Is Part of Our Corporate Culture

The operations and technology teams at Apex celebrate collaboration. Unlike other technology companies, Apex expects these teams often work together on the same projects. “By doing so, we get the diversity of opinion from both teams to help us find the best solution,” Eoin says. “In ops, we lean on the technology team, and vice versa, to help us optimize processes and procedures, be ‘disruptive’ (in a productive way, of course), and never settle for a solution just because ‘that’s how we’ve always done things.’”

Eoin provides an example to illustrate his point. “Take, for example, risk management, a critical issue for wealth management firms. In this case, operations leads the project, sharing the specific needs of the institution, and technology builds the solution.” This collaborative initiative brings together Ops’ business knowledge and Tech’s expertise in elegant solutions, he notes, adding that neither team could successfully mitigate risk without the other. 

Take a minute to read Eoin’s full article. And, if you’re looking for a tech job in Belfast, keep an eye on our open positions.


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