It’s Time to Expect More From Your Custodian

As a modern custodian, we’re here to change what’s possible for your business and the clients you serve.

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A Modern Custodian

Behind the Scenes, Apex Is Already Delivering at Scale

As the digital custodian serving  more than 21 million end-investors, Apex is proven at scale.

Already Engaging the Next Generation

Average Age of End-Investors (Weighted by Assets)

The end-to-end digital experience can make or break client relationships. That’s where our culture of innovation comes in. Time and again, Apex has delivered breakthroughs that enable RIAs to engage modern investors.

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Focused on Advisor Capabilities

Led by Proven Advisor Tech Innovators

Our acclaimed technology veterans are creating the modern digital infrastructure that advisors and platform vendors need.*

* Southall, Brook, “Apex nabs Jon Patullo from ‘Schwabtitrade’ to ‘raise the bar’ and make his new firm’s RIA system as ‘frictionless’ as the old one,” RIA Biz, 10/10/22.

Why Consider a New Custodian?

Reduce friction. Increase transparency. Rinse and repeat. Modern investors want a progressively more seamless and empowering experience in line with other services in their lives.

There’s only so much you can do to work around or patch up your dated custodial technology. At some point, you need actual innovation to help you unlock the future of your business.

As older clients draw down assets (and AUM), outdated processes can limit an RIA’s ability to adapt and create scale by efficiently reaching and serving a wider audience.

As clients pass down their wealth, the next generation arrives with new expectations for advisors and the technology they use, bringing an immediate retention challenge.

Your custodian is only as loyal as their business model. Legacy custodians are deeply invested in their retail services that are often in direct competition with their RIA clients.

The number of clients an advisor can serve is capped by traditional RIA tools and processes.

20M+ Brokerage Accounts

$135B+ Assets Under Custody

15 Seconds To open an account*

3.4% NIGO Rate

(Not in Good Order)**

How to Measure Your Future with Apex 

Automation Transforms What’s Possible for Your Business

Unleash the latest advisor innovations to  reach a generation of new clients with the products and experiences they want. Service them faster and smarter with an array of automated workflows and integrated technologies that can help change the math of your business.

Specifically, Apex clients have been able to strategically decrease account minimums and increase their client base using technologies including:

  • Digital account opening
  • Digital ACAT
  • Digital bulk transfer
  • Fractional share trading
  • Auto-transfers for uninvested cash

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