Efficiency in a World Where Fine Edges Are Everything

Our clients depend on us to be obsessed with the evolving details of digital clearing, custody, execution, and routing.

Focusing on the Vital Details

In this industry, blinks take too long. The difference between success and stagnation can depend on the careful parsing of milliseconds. So it’s crucial to work with a partner that can help you identify the next edge. You’re either finding ways to improve or you’re losing ground at the speed of execution algorithms.

Teaming Up To Sharpen Advantages Across Industries

Proprietary Traders
Hedge Funds
Global Banks
Quantitative Firms

Bringing Innovation and Imagination To Clearing, Custody, and Execution

It’s amazing how quickly new features become table stakes in institutional trading. Advancing technology, digital asset processing, and instant global access require more than just constant improvement. They demand creativity, talent, and resources dedicated to figuring out where the industry is going — and getting there first. That’s why our clients come to us for our partnership as much as our solutions. We help them innovate new paths forward through the ever-changing terrain.

Reducing Costs Associated With Speed and Information Leakage

We help our clients own the moment with intraday on-demand auctions and flexible routing. Our markets facilitate hundreds of thousands of competitive stock auctions every trading day, anchored by billions of shares of unique on-demand aggregated liquidity.
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