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Apex Fintech Solutions Completes First-Ever Account Transfer Using New Automated Customer Account Transfer Service Protocols

Today’s milestone marks the first time new messaging protocols included in NSCC’s ACATS clearing service were achieved through Apex’s SaaS Account Transfer Service

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Apr 15, 2024 - Last Updated: Apr 15, 2024

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Apex Fintech Solutions Inc. (“Apex”), the fintech for fintechs powering innovation and the future of digital wealth management, today announced the completion of the first-ever account transfer leveraging the latest messaging protocols set by National Securities Clearing Corporation’s (NSCC’s) Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS). The account transfer was achieved through Apex’s API-based Account Transfer Service. This significant development enhances information exchange between broker-dealers.

In October 2025, NSCC plans to decommission ACATS’ legacy messaging. To support this, Apex’s Account Transfer Service is built for scale to assist financial intermediaries and NSCC members during this transition by offering a wide range of benefits, including real-time testing capabilities, leading to shorter testing cycles.

“At Apex, we are proud to have designed a seamless, API-based solution for our clearing clients  and other NSCC members to help them adopt the new ACATS protocol,” said Lucille Mayer, Chief Solutions Officer at Apex. “The first account transfer on March 15, 2024, was an exciting milestone, and paves a path for other firms towards more efficient, flexible account transfer services that reduce manual processes.”

“We are pleased to see the completion of the first account transfer following the updated API protocol. We look forward to continuing this momentum and encourage other members to update messaging ahead of the deadline,” said Michele Hillery, Managing Director, General Manager of NSCC Equity Clearing, DTC’s Settlement Service.

Apex is the custodian for over 21 million investors for over 200 clients enabling hundreds of thousands of account transfers per year. In support of Apex’s commitment to modernizing the account transfer process for its clients and the industry ahead of the new protocols, the institutional-grade account transfer service is now available publicly. Apex is dedicated to making investing frictionless for financial services by providing innovative technologies to clients and staying ahead of the curve with ACATS Apex services. 


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