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Apex Silver

Behind the Scenes, Providing Complex Data Processing for Modern Digital Finance

At Apex Silver, we collect, normalize, reconcile, and report at scale in real time. Our solutions enable success for massive financial institutions, promising start-ups, and companies of every size in between.

We deliver enterprise-scale software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. Apex SaaS offerings include data unification, regulatory cost basis, and tax reporting. Plus, we provide various wealth-management applications, such as advisory fee billing and performance reporting. Apex Silver’s solutions address a wide range of data processing complexities including:

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As of 06/30/23

Cost Basis and Tax

Apex Silver offers a comprehensive spectrum of regulatory cost basis and tax processing solutions for brokerage firms, digital asset exchanges, and related service providers seeking to support a client’s regulatory compliance, enhance client experiences, and minimize operating expenses. Invest in best-in-class, cloud-based Silver Cost Basis software and its highly efficient business process outsourcing (BPO) services.

Apex Silver delivers regulatory compliance solutions and 24/7 real-time data at a demonstrably lower total cost of ownership than legacy cost basis vendors or homegrown systems.

Data Unification

For investment services firms and related service providers seeking to establish a centralized source for accurate data, enhance client experiences, and minimize operating expenses, Apex Silver offers enterprise-scale data collection, normalization, entitlement, and distribution solutions including the first-of-its-kind Apex Silver Unified Data software and highly efficient BPO services.

Unlike legacy data management vendors or homegrown data warehouses, Apex Silver delivers secure 24/7 access to accurate real-time data at a demonstrably lower total cost of ownership.

Wealth Management

Enterprise-scale wealth technology platform owners can deliver a truly differentiated client experience and minimize operating expenses. Apex Silver offers its ultra-scalable, cloud-based Apex Silver Wealth Harmony solution, which features essential third-party integrations, plug-and-play applications, and highly efficient BPO services.

Unlike all-in-one or homegrown systems, Apex Silver empowers advisory, wealth-management firms, and related service providers to quickly and cost-effectively grow their businesses by offering unique wealth technology platforms.

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