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Connecting Front-, Middle-, and
Back-Office Environments

Apex Extend is a full-stack business solution connecting internal processes that deliver a robust investor experience. Apex can help with your regulated brokerage responsibilities, so you can get to market more quickly and safely. You can always consider whether getting your own license is the right option for you as you grow.


  • Configurable to meet the unique needs of your firm.
  • Full-stack technology solution with an open architecture design.
  • Customizable to your requirements — available for established institutions, financial advisors, start-ups, and innovators.
  • White-label capabilities to put your brand front and center.


  • View and process transactions in a seamless, unified platform experience.
  • Help deliver an investing experience as it ought to be.
  • Connect your front-, middle-, and back-office.


  • Provides an end-to-end solution.
  • Connectivity to Apex’s market-leading digital custody solutions.
  • Access to all layers of operation — risk management, profit, and loss along with other business transactions.


  • Retail investor interface with a single integrated view for investor accounts.
  • Professional investor interface offering a customizable active trader platform.
  • Comprehensive advisor workstation for financial services professionals managing client accounts with modular digital services allowing for simpler, faster user configuration.


  • Account creation, funding, and maintenance allow opening accounts at scale while keeping documents up-to-date in real time.
  • Operations and compliance interfaces, including customized dashboards that provide real-time compliance control and monitoring.


  • Integrated with Apex Extend’s APIs for connectivity to your accounting and reconciliation needs.
  • Real-time, back-office connectivity for operations.
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