Experienced Compliance and Financial Crimes Teams

Teams of industry veterans, proven technology, and robust protocols help us perform at scale in a deeply regulated environment.

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Complexity Is Our Comfort Zone

Serving clients and protecting end-investors, means navigating a web of laws, regulations, and risks that keep changing. That’s why we have teams of industry veterans with deep expertise in a variety of compliance and risk-related specialties.

Our Veteran Teams

  • The AML team is responsible for investigating and reporting suspicious activity, conducting due diligence, and OFAC Compliance.

    • Case Review
    • Law Enforcement & Regulatory Inquiries
    • Information Sharing
    • Sanctions
    • New Client Onboarding
    • Due Diligence
    • AML External Requests
    • Foreign Banks Certification
  • The CIP team ensures continued compliance within the firm’s AML, Customer Identification, and Identity Theft Protection programs. Including, but not limited to, ensuring Apex meets its Compliance obligations under the Bank Secrecy Act (“BSA”), as amended by the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001.

    • Document Verification
    • Negative News Reviews
    • Surveillance Tasks
  • The Fraud Reporting team functions to coordinate and manage the firm’s response to identified or reported potential fraud events in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations.

    • Alert Review
    • Case Review
    • External Communication
    • Micro Deposit Report
  • The Trade Surveillance team is responsible for monitoring and detecting possible prohibitive trading practices by the firm’s clients. Prohibited trading practices may be defined as activity that represents non-bona fide order flow that’s entered with the intent of creating a false/misleading representation of the market in a security which artificially affects the supply or demand of that security.

    • Surveyor Alerts
    • In-House Reports
    • Responding to Inquiries
    • Report Maintenance/Development
  • Regulatory CAT/CAIS reporting, Bluesheet Request, Short Interest Reporting, and LOPR all fall under Compliance Trade Reporting.

    CAT/CAIS are daily deliverables which primarily deal with corrections and repairs to the previous day’s trade reporting.

    CAIS is primarily making corrections with an account holder’s indicative data (SSN, address etc.), which is used to maintain up to date books and records.

    Bluesheet Requests involve 3 regulators (NYSE, FINRA, SEC). The team’s function is to identify when these requests come in and that the information being requested is submitted within the allowed time. Short Interest report is submitted bi-weekly and involves reporting all open short interest positions (i.e. open securities sold short) and also corporate actions that may have occurred during this reporting period.

    LOPR is a daily report we provide to FINRA which details what accounts are acting in concert that hold 200 or more option contracts, long or short.

    • CAT/CAIS Reporting
    • Bluesheet Requests
    • Short Interest Report
    • Large Options Position Report
    • Escheatment & Levies
  • The Regulatory Response team functions to coordinate and manage the Firm’s responses to all regulatory inquiries, customer complaints, and examinations to ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations (SEC, FINRA, Exchanges, etc.).

    • Regulatory Exam Management
    • NFA Futures
    • Manage Regulatory Requests
    • Regulatory Remediation
    • Customer Complaints

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