Don’t Throttle Your Growth

Our infrastructure is built to handle your success. Even if it’s sudden.

Infrastructure Built for the Super Surge

Not every story is a slow, steady climb from one user to many. Sometimes growth is jagged. Spurred by your own innovations, savvy timing, or even events outside your control.

With Apex, your infrastructure is ready to capture your big moment from day one. You get our elastic technology and services without steep upfront costs.

Case Study: Ready to Meet the Moment?

While other companies struggled and slowed service during the 2021 meme-stock volume spike, our clients gained 1.37M new accounts in just one week.* While others stopped trading because they couldn’t figure out if their capital was sufficient to continue executing trades, our clients benefited from Apex’s robust capitalization and rapid response risk management capabilities.

It’s not just our technology that is built to thrive at scale when it matters most.

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