Transform your customers into loyal shareholders

Financial services are already present in your customers’ daily lives — their loyalty and behavioral data are just flowing somewhere else.

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Keep Your Customers Inside Your Ecosystem

Around the world, consumers are buying financial products and services the same way they buy everything else—on their smartphones. If investment products aren’t integrated into their favorite apps, wallets, and digital experiences, they may go elsewhere.

Apex Fintech Solutions is the global platform powering a wide array of financial apps consumers already use today. Embed Apex services into your digital experience to keep user engagement inside your ecosystem.

31B Shares traded per month

in 2022 on average*

160+ Clients

168 Countries

With active investors (across 6 continents)

20M+ Brokerage Accounts

$135B+ Assets Under Custody

Key Benefits

  • Tap New Data Streams

  • Attract and Delight Customers

  • Enter and Engage at Scale

Customer Trends at a Glance*


Offer Stockback instead of Cashback

Brand preference and loyalty go to the next level when you own stock in the brands you shop every day. Data-based insights into the stocks a customer owns opens the door to a whole new level of engagement, advertisement, and product recommendations.

  • Connecting consumer ownership in a company to the products and services they purchase every day
  • Allowing for consumers to embrace the products and services associated with their investment preferences
  • Connecting the shareholder and consumer— creating an ability to reward loyalty through a companies’ services and products in one unified investor/consumer experience

Attract, Retain, and Delight

The divide between financial products/services and everything else consumers buy is arbitrary, inconvenient, and keeps millions of people from accessing the investing world. The right services can help you engage users in a powerful new way.

  • Stock-Back Loyalty
  • Stock Rewards
  • Investing at Their Fingertips

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Arrive at Scale

Ease the growing pains and jump straight to a frictionless consumer experience built on a battle-tested foundation. Our solutions and technology are already primed to handle your enterprise scale.

  • Global Digital Infrastructure
  • Culture of Compliance
  • Balance Sheet Stability

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