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Apex Fintech Solutions Data Highlights Gen Z’s Continued Support for Flagship Meme Stocks in the Third Quarter of 2021

Latest Apex Next Investor Outlook report shows younger investors traded on renewed interest in vaccine makers and giant retailers in Q3

Laura Cox
Nov 3, 2021 - Last Updated: Nov 30, 2023

DALLAS, November 03, 2021–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Apex Fintech Solutions (“Apex”), the “fintech for fintechs” powering innovation and the future of digital wealth management, which has previously announced a merger with Northern Star Investment Corp. II (“Northern Star”) (NYSE: NSTB), today released its Q3 2021 Apex Next Investor Outlook. The report highlights the top stocks and noteworthy holdings of the rising class of Gen Z investors. Amid a quarter characterized by inflation concerns and a fits-and-starts reopening associated with the global pandemic, Apex’s data reveals younger investors maintained a bullish stance on AMC and GameStop—two of the earliest meme stocks to gain widespread popularity earlier this year.

Other names within the Gen Z top 10 also held steady, including Tesla, Apple, and Amazon, hinting at the younger generation’s proclivity to provide stable support for its highest-conviction holdings. Shorter-term sentiment was evident elsewhere in the rankings, as vaccine makers Moderna and Pfizer enjoyed a nice bump upwards on the back of booster-shot momentum. Giant retailers Costco and Home Depot also climbed the rankings as Gen Z bet their healthy budgets and supply chain expertise would spell success this holiday season.

“Gen Z investors are changing the investment world in meaningful ways – and we could be in the early innings of this transformation,” said Bill Capuzzi, Chief Executive Officer of Apex. “In Q3, heavyweight meme stocks AMC and GameStop exhibited impressive staying power in Gen Z portfolios, standing right alongside more traditional mega-cap holdings, such as Apple and Amazon. As this key demographic continues to develop and express unique investment views, our team at Apex looks forward to providing ongoing data and information around these significant developments.”

The Apex Next Investor Outlook includes data of the top 100 stocks owned by millions of investors on the Apex platform. The Q3 2021 report is based on more than 1 million Gen Z accounts, in addition to more than 5 million accounts held by Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers.

Themes in the Q3 Apex Next Investor Outlook include:

  • Vaccine stocks catch another wave – As shares of vaccine makers climbed in Q3 amid growing momentum for booster shots and vaccine mandates, Gen Z investors rekindled their interest in frontrunners Moderna and Pfizer. Moderna vaulted 27 spots to #19 while Pfizer climbed 20 spots to #45. Gen Z also took notice of Novavax (up 7 spots to #87). The company has been focused on making regulatory headway in lower-income countries after falling behind in the race for authorization in the US and Europe. Johnson & Johnson retreated 1 notch to #39. Vaccine demand—or lack thereof—is expected to have minimal effect on the company’s overall financial performance, given its choice to deploy a not-for-profit pricing model for the vaccine.
  • Smooth sailing for meme stocks – Gen Z support for flagship meme stocks stayed strong in Q3. AMC kept its crown as the #1 holding and GameStop also showed staying power this quarter, holding steady at #6. Outside of consistent heavy-hitters, other meme stocks continued to make appearances within the Gen Z rankings. Camber Energy joined the list in Q3 at #10, propelled by a massive September runup in its share price. Vinco Ventures, a digital media company that recently became involved in the red-hot non-fungible token (NFT) arena, debuted at #55.
  • Charting a new course for retailers – Ahead of the all-important holiday shopping season, Gen Z investors backed big-name retailers. Q3 saw notable moves in giants like Costco (up 20 spots to #31), Walmart (up 8 spots to #52), Target (up 3 spots to #53) and Home Depot (up spots 22 to #76). In the face of extraordinary shipping disruptions and logistics challenges, large retailers with sophisticated supply chains and deep pockets appeared to shine.

To see the complete list of the Apex Top 100 stocks among Gen Z investors, click here.



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Laura Cox - Writer for Apex