“Everyone is talking about AI but we wanted to do something about it,” comments Andy Lientz, Chief Technology Officer at Apex Fintech Solutions. “Apex has a culture of always being at the forefront of new technologies – so we empowered our people across the firm to identify how AI could be applied throughout the enterprise, from our own internal processes to tools and products that eventually our clients will be able to use. AskApex is the first outcome of this pursuit of constant innovation.”

As an internal AI powered chatbot, AskApex is:

  • An AI assistant for every employee – shortening the time someone might spend on searching for information, form, handbook or policy
  • Accessing documents that are available on Apex’s intranet – but now made conversable through the chatbot
  • Integrated with Slack, making it immediately accessible for all of Apex’s employees

Bill Capuzzi, CEO at Apex Fintech Solutions, comments, “What’s amazing about AskApex is that Apex employees built it for Apex employees. We identified a need and solved it by harnessing the power of generative AI. For example, new employees are often given a wide array of information and resources as part of their onboarding process. Now, employees can go to AskApex to ask questions about something they might not remember from the onboarding process or quickly locate a form they need to fill in. This is just an example of how we believe AI is going to positively impact our team and our clients, by freeing up time, resources and energy to focus on creating value.”

About Apex Fintech Solutions

Apex Fintech Solutions is a fintech powerhouse enabling seamless access and frictionless investing. Apex’s omni-suite of scalable solutions fuel innovation and evolution for hundreds of today’s market leaders, challengers, change makers, and visionaries. The Company’s digital ecosystem creates an environment where clients with the biggest ideas are empowered to change the world. Apex works to ensure their partners succeed on the frontlines of the industry via bespoke custody & clearing, advisory, institutional, digital assets, and SaaS solutions through its Apex Clearing™, Apex Advisor Solutions™, Apex Silver™, and Apex CODA Markets™ brands.

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