A Turnkey Solution to Launch Your Own Digital Asset Revolution

It turns out it’s already easy to bring the future of investing to your customers through a straightforward integration.1

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Offering a Proven Path

Apex Fintech Solutions is one of the few places you can access both traditional securities and cryptocurrencies in a tightly integrated client experience. Our turnkey platform delivers integrated crypto investing and a robust regulatory solution for execution, settlement, and custody — accessible 24/7 and supported in all 50 states and a growing list of international locations.

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* As of 9/30/2022
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38 Coin Offerings and Counting to Buy, Sell, and Custody*

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Apex Crypto

Key Features

Access DeFi and staking protocols
NFT Platform
Custody and Transfer tokenized assets
Earn as you spend
Awards & Gifting
Launch crypto promotional campaigns
Auto-invest spare change
Set up automatic portfolio purchases
Crypto Education*
Crypto/Blockchain/DeFi modules
Pay with crypto
Stablecoin as a Service*
Branded digital dollars

*Coming Soon

Seamless institutional and retail KYC (Know Your Customer)
Real-time balances
Configurable transaction position views
Customizable streamed liquidity
Detailed customer and tax reporting
Intraday Funding
Pre-funded intraday trading balances
International Expansion*
Expanded jurisdictions
Data Warehouse*
Self-service data analytics portal

*Coming Soon

Dedicated customer crypto addresses
24/7/325 on-chain movements
P2P Transfers
Transfer between friends

Buy and sell in a regulated environment
API-driven movements across platforms
Comprehensive Order Types
GTC and Stop Limit
Advanced Trading Types
Block trading and allocations
Account Types
Multiple types, including custodial and entity

Support at Scale

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System Uptime and
Trading Availability*
States of Customer Support
and Regulatory Licensing*

* As of 9/30/2022

Expertise to Handle the Compliance Complexities

We’ll take care of regulatory compliance, execution, settlement, and custody, so you can launch crypto offerings for your customers using our easy-to-integrate APIs. With millions of end-user accounts, Apex Crypto is a trusted platform that powers some of the largest brands in fintech.

Comprehensive AML/KYC and KYT checks delivered via API

Fully compliant cost-basis processing of every cryptocurrency event

Multiple account types, including individual and custodial accounts

Customer support across the U.S. and a growing list of foreign jurisdictions

Seamless Integration So You Can Quickly Add Crypto

Experience seamless adoption through our easy-to-use APls. We can launch a crypto offering in under 45 days and preserve your brand identity with easy adoption for your end users, including instantaneous account opening and immediate trading ability.

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Liquidity That Deepens Access and Price Competition

Apex connects you to all major liquidity providers, which means you can give your customers deep market access and competitive pricing. Plus, with a minimum of three liquidity providers per coin, you always have coin access.

1Apex Crypto is not a registered broker-dealer or FINRA member. Cryptocurrencies are not securities and your cryptocurrency holdings are not FDIC or SIPC insured. Crypto trading involves substantial risk of loss and there can be significant volatility in the price of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency trading is not suitable for all investors and each investor should evaluate their own particular financial circumstances to determine whether trading cryptocurrencies is appropriate for them. Please review the risks at apexfintechsolutions.com/legal/disclosures/.

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