Flexible, Custom Routing

It’s time to ask your routing partner to help you win business.

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Win on Client Experience

AI and tech innovation have come to the routing world. With CODA, you can quickly deliver routing built for each client’s evolving preferences.

Apex helps enhance:

  • Execution quality, efficiency, performance
  • Fill rate, liquidity type, rebates
  • Price, cost, speed, and more

Talk with us about the outcomes your clients want. Then get the strategies and tailored real-time reporting that suits your situation.

1 Day To build and deploy

Custom routing and reporting strategies

800+ Custom strategies

Active in our engine each day

185B Liquidity-seeking shares

Received per month

Make Sure Every Client Gets Access to the Route They Need

  • Set up custom routes in a day

    Get custom reporting strategies overnight too

  • Optimize routes with AI

    Create a custom set of venues based on the characteristics of your order and historical data

  • Adjust routes on the fly*

    Adapt to clients’ shifting needs and preferences

  • Define your order type, pricing, or latency requirements

  • Choose parallel routing and parallel posting

    Suit your order flow as needed

  • Automate rebalancing based on executions

* Adjustments are implemented next business day.

Access Automated Equity Auctions on Demand

We don’t stop at routing. We also offer execution through our Alternative Trading System (ATS) — a proven, efficient, order-driven auction market. And we deliver access to liquidity across 40+ market venues.*

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* Apex proprietary data as of 3/31/2023.


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