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1 Day To Build and Deploy

Custom routing and reporting strategies

1st Auction ATS

The industry's first electronic order-driven auction market, launched in 2009

800+ Custom strategies

Active in our engine each day

185B Liquidity-seeking shares

Received per month

40B Liquidity-providing shares

Per month

Key Products and Services

Flexible Custom Routing

Including AI optimization, next-day launch, parallel routing and parallel posting. Learn more.

Auction-Based Alternative Trading System (ATS)

Including our products CODA Fuse, CODA Micro, and CODA FLARE. Learn more.

ALISA Market Analytics

Evaluating liquidity conditions and cost across the entire market, as well as the performance of their CODA order flow and execution.

Access to Our Unique Liquidity

Tap into the retail volume Apex can offer. We give clients access to our liquidity pool that’s deep, broad, and diverse.

White-Glove Service

It’s okay to ask a lot of your routing and execution vendor. We’re here to help you succeed. At every step, we can help provide human understanding and tailored service, helping you to get right what you need right when you need it.

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