Revolution Starts With Insight

We arm our clients with the data to help them make better decisions and bolder innovations.

Grab the Keys to Your Own Data Warehouse

We can provide a private data warehouse backed by our security and compliance expertise. This gives you a single source of truth — a central repository of all your transactional data that you can analyze to help you make more informed decisions. And it retains your data for at least seven years so that you can quickly access information as needed.

  • The data is organized, transformed, and optimized for faster access.
  • The infrastructure is built to scale and support complex queries.
  • Sensitive data is encrypted and managed according to policies set by our data governance team.

Power Ahead With Intelligence at Scale

We work in the beating heart of fintech, supporting hundreds of clients and millions of investor accounts. We have a compliance-focused, privacy-sensitive, anonymized, real-time view into a world of trading and investor behaviors. We don’t just spot trends in the market. We help make them actionable for our clients.

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