Taking Tangible Action To Accelerate Opportunities for Black Talent in Fintech

Industry change starts with industry leaders.

Fintech in Action

Apex Fintech Solutions Is a Founding Member of Fintech in Action (FIA)

FIA is a coalition of action-oriented corporations and individuals dedicated to increasing the pipeline of Black professionals for careers in finance and fintech. Members accelerate progress, innovation, and opportunity for Black talent in their firms and throughout the industry. FIA effects long-term change through intentional outreach, equitable hiring, promotion, and talent retention.

Launched in 2020, FIA creates and supports programs that advance growth for Black finance and technology students and professionals. Fintech in Action invested over $1.75 million in strategic support, impacting over 300 students and doubling its membership within the first year.

At over 40 members, the coalition works to fight systemic racism and initiate tangible progress across the industry. FIA partners with universities, community stakeholders, professional advocacy groups, and nonprofit organizations, such as Greenwood Project, to inspire change.

Since its inception, Fintech in Action support has enabled the Greenwood Project to boost its internship program by 160%. In 2021, 100% of Greenwood Project seniors received multiple full-time career offers.

Learn more at fintechinaction.com.